Does the Government have right/duty to protect religious structures?

There, unfortunately, is no consistency in this regard (as in most other cases) in judgments of the Supreme Court. A recent judgment of the Supreme Court holds that State has the duty to protect religious structures. However, the said judgment overlooks previous judgments holding otherwise.

I recently came across an informative article by Dr. Mustafa, a legal expert, on the interference by the Supreme Court into directing the governments to maintain and improve religious structures. He discusses that although it is the duty of the state to protect the historic structures more than 100 years old; however, directing state to incur expenditure from public funds to maintain and improve some of the religious structures shows disparity in approach of Court. He further discusses as to how previous judgments of Supreme Court have laid down that State has no right to spend on maintenance of religious structures.

The following is the link to the article published in

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